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The professional manicurists course requires the satisfactory completion of 600 hours in Theory and Practical training. After satisfying all hours with a 75% or greater grade point average and fulfilling all financial obligations, the student is awarded a certificate of completion in the form of a diploma. This will entitle one to take the Tennessee State Manicurists Examination for the Tennessee Manicurist License. Once the individual has earned his or her state-issued manicuring license, they can successful start working as a professional MANICURSTS obtain a career as a nail technician. The instructional methods used to teach are from the Milady’s textbook and practical hands-on training. This program provides opportunities for each student to develop a professional personality to cultivate the industy.

*If you enjoy working with your hands and consider yourself a people person, a career as a manicurist may be right for you. Providing one of the fastest-growing specialties in the world of cosmetology, a manicurist is a licensed nail technician who performs a number of services, including:

- Cleans
- Trims
- Polishes
- Nail art
- Manicures
- Pedicures
- Acrylic
- Gels


A+ for EBA Students & Future Professionals may learn to go beyond their introductory skill set look for programs that include:

        - Cuticle care
        - Hand/foot/calf massage
        - Scrubs
        - Moisturizers
        - Paraffin Wax
        - And other high-end services & specialized services

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