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Student Kit

Each student, with school assistance, shall be required to have a kit consisting of the following materials after one hundred (100) hours of enrollment in a manicuring program:

(a) One (1) theory book (electronic or hard copy);
(b) One (1) workbook (electronic or hard copy);
(c) One (1) pair nippers;
(d) Three (3) orangewood sticks;
(e) One (1) box of emery boards;
(f) One (1) cuticle pusher;
(g) One (1) finger bowl;
(h) One (1) sanitizable file;
(i) One (1) nail brush;
(j) One (1) polish kit;
(k) One (1) hand form and holder;

(l) One (1) wet disinfectant;
(m) One (1) tweezer;
(n) One (1) pair manicure scissors;
(o) Nail glue;
(p) Supplies for nail wraps;
(q) Supplies for sculptured nails;
(r) Goggles;
(s) One (1) hand form and holder or two (2) fingers and holder;
(t) One (1) odorless acrylic kit;
(u) Disposable gloves 

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