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Apprentice Guidelines

To be enrolled as an apprentice student:

(a) One must first complete 300 Theory/classroom hours
(b) One must pass the theory exam
(c) One must engage in an apprenticeship with a licensed mentor/Supervising professional who has been pre-approved by the school. And will correctly and accurately log and report hours and student progress to the school weekly (a general list of recommended professionals can be given upon request)
(d) The mentor/professional must have been licensed for a minimum of 10 years and be in good standing with the TN Board of Cosmology. 
(e) The mentor/professional must post a sign (at least 8X10 inches) that an apprentice student is practicing under supervision.
(f)  The mentor/professional must only have one apprenticeship arrangement at any given time during the apprenticeship agreement. 
(g)  One must have their own workspace on the start date of the apprenticeship arrangement.
(h) One must enroll in the Apprenticeship Program at the time of signing the Enrollment Agreement (at any given time, one cannot enroll as a traditional student and then transfer to the apprentice program). 
(i) EBA will maintain a record of all hours completed under the apprenticeship program, including classroom hours, for which credit is awarded in a student’s academic file. This record shall include the number of hours completed under direct supervision and responsible charge, the dates these hours were earned, the license number of the professional in responsible charge of instruction who directly supervised the student and the signatures of both the student and the supervising licensed professional in responsible charge

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